Do Something About That Dry Air

Do Something About That Dry Air

Complete a central humidifier installation in East Fairfield, VT

Before warm air blows through your East Fairfield, VT home, it is heated in a furnace, where much of the moisture is drawn from the air. In some instances, your air can become so dry that it affects your health. If you’re concerned about dry air in your home, turn to Towsley’s HVAC Services LLC for a central humidifier installation. We offer services for gas and electric furnaces.

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4 reasons to install a central humidifier

Installing a central humidifier can offer many benefits to your lifestyle. Here are a few reasons to consider installing one in your home:

1. Reduce static electricity in your home
2. Improve indoor air quality
3. Prevent dry skin, nose bleeds, respiratory problems and other ailments
4. Preserve the condition of your cabinetry, wood floors and furniture

Consult with Towsley’s HVAC Services about bringing a central humidifier to your home.