Is Your Air Dry as Dust?

Is Your Air Dry as Dust?

Schedule humidifier repair services in East Fairfield, VT

When the air in your home is too dry, it can lead to respiratory ailments, skin irritation and itchy eyes. Don’t let a malfunctioning central humidifier affect your quality of life. Towsley’s HVAC Services LLC of East Fairfield, VT can provide the repair service you need to get the air in your home to the right level of humidity.

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Let us address your humidifier issues

It can be difficult to know whether your humidifier is experiencing trouble. Here are a few reasons to call Towsley’s HVAC for humidifier repair:

  • Your humidifier is using too much water
  • Your humidifier contains mold or mildew
  • Your air is drier or more humid than it should be
  • Your wick or sponge pad has clogged or solidified
  • Your humidifier’s metal grill is caked with mineral deposits
You can count on Towsley’s HVAC Services to restore the condition of your humidifier.